Voron 2.4 fastener kit
Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit CL12.9
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Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit CL12.9



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Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit CL12.9, Fast Shipping From Sydney, Local Pick-up Available.

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Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit Class 12.9


DescriptionQty NeedQty in KitNotes
M5x40 SHCS2225
M5x30 BHCS2225
M3x30 SHCS2530
M5x10 BHCS4045
M5x16 BHCS2730
M5 Hexnut2630
M5 T-nut HNTAJ5-56170
M3 T-nut HNTAJ5-3104115
M3 Threaded Insert90100
M3x12 SHCS2325
M5 1mm Spacer4250
M2x10 Self-tapping Screw1520
M3x40 SHCS2830
M3 Washer25
M3x20 SHCS2935
M3x16 SHCS1420
M3x8 SHCS201220
M3 Hexnut710
M4 Knurled Nut (DIN 466-B)45
M3 Hammer Head T-nuts4755
M4x6 BHCS410
M3x6 BHCS610


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