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About Us

about us

Our goal is to delivery the best customer service to all our customers.

All the products we are selling are coverd by us, not just the manufactory.


Founded by Love

I used to work in real estate industry, but I used to spent spare times on web/software programming as my hobby…  but things changed when I bought my first 3D Printer.

In October 2020, I’m bought a small 3d printer after a tiktok video.

During the following 3 months, I have start getting more 3d printer, including anycubic, creality printers, and DIY printers.

From March 2021, I’m have start running an Ebay Store named 3dbro_sydney.

While I’m feeling there is very limit local seller at ebay provide good 3d printer parts. Normally people have to buy from overseas, wait for a long time for delivery.

After long time of preparing, we are now launching, and we are now able to delivery large range of products to our lovely customers.