Bambu Lab PLA Matte
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Bambu Lab PLA Matte

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Looking to Buy Bambu Lab Filaments in Sydney Local Stock? Bambu Lab PLA Matte, Easy to Print & Beginner Friendly, Matte Surface Texture, Biodegradable, and AMS Compatible.

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Bambu Lab PLA Matte


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asa filament
asa filament
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asa filament

Accessory Compatibility

RecommendedNot Recommended
Build PlateCool Plate, High Temperature Plate or Textured PEI PlateEngineering Plate
HotendAll Size / Material/
GlueBambu Liquid Glue
Glue Stick

PLA Matte Hex Code Table

ColorHex CodeDisplay
Ivory White#FFFFFF
Latte Brown#D3B7A7
Desert Tan#E8DBB7
Ash Gray#9B9EA0
Lilac Purple#AE96D4
Sakura Pink#E8AFCF
Mandarin Orange#F99963
Lemon Yellow#F7D959
Scarlet Red#DE4343
Dark Red#BB3D43
Dark Brown#7D6556
Dark Green#68724D
Grass Green#61C680
Ice Blue#A3D8E1
Marine Blue#0078BF
Dark Blue#042F56

RFID for Intelligent Printing

All printing parameters are embedded in RFID, which can be read through our AMS (Automatic Material System).

Load and print! No more tedious setting steps.

Recommended Printing Settings
Drying Settings (Blast Drying Oven)55 °C,8 h
Printing and Keeping Container’s Humidity< 20% RH (Sealed, with Desiccant)
Nozzle Temperature190 – 230 °C
Bed Temperature (with Glue)35 – 45 °C
Printing Speed< 300 mm/s
Physical Properties
Density1.31 g/cm³
Vicat Softening Temperature63 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature58 °C
Melting Temperature163 °C
Melt Index39.4 ± 3.2 g/10 min
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength30 ± 5 MPa
Breaking Elongation Rate14.8 ± 4.2 %
Bending Modulus2360 ± 250 MPa
Bending Strength53 ± 6 MPa
Impact Strength19.2 ± 3.7 kJ/m²

Printing Tips

• Drying conditions: 55℃ for 8 hrs. Store in a dry environment after use. Dry before use if the material absorbs moisture. For more details please refer to: Filament drying instructions on WIKI.


Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Lilac Purple, Scarlet Red, Ivory White, Marine Blue, Dark Red, Dark Brown, Ash Grey, Grass Green, Latte Brown, Dark Green, Ice Blue, Sakura Pink, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Yellow, Charcoal, Desert Tan, Dark Blue

Spool Type

Refill, Filament With Spool


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