FusRock Odorless ABS 1KG

FusRock Odorless ABS 1KG


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FusRock Odorless ABS Filament, High Quality 3D Printer ABS Filament, high temperature resistance.

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FusRock Odorless ABS


FusRock FusFun™ ABS is a high-strength ABS-based 3D printing filament with outstanding mechanical properties. The tensile strength of its 3D printed parts in the XY axis direction can be close to 40MPa. Therefore, FusFunTM ABS is ideal for printing functional prototypes, jigs and low- volume production parts.

The main raw material of FusFunTM ABS is an ABS resin synthesized by continuous bulk polymerization technique. Thanks to this advanced production process, the residual amount of solvents and monomers used in the production process in the final ABS product is so low that the filament has a low odor during printing.

FusFunTM ABS can be used together with FusFreeTM S-Multi Quick-Remove Support Material to solve the poor surface of complex model above supports.


Material Properties

PropertyTesting methodTypical value
DensityISO 11831.05g/cm3
Glass transition temperatureISO 11357101℃
Melt index250℃,2.16kg7.8g/10min
Vicat softening temperatureISO 306103°C
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method A86°C (1.8MPa)
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method B92°C (0.45MPa)
Tensile strength(X-Y)ISO 52738.96±0.33MPa
Elongation at Yield(X-Y)ISO 5272.32±0.02%
Young’s Modulus(X-Y)ISO 5272384.22±20.00MPa
Tensile breaking strength(X-Y)ISO 52733.36±0.53MPa
Elongation at break(X-Y)ISO 5275.77±0.84%
Tensile breaking strength (Z)ISO 52726.16±1.73MPa
Elongation at break (Z)ISO 5271.62±0.14%
Young’s modulus (Z)ISO 5271967.57±119.93MPa
Tensile breaking strength (Z)ISO 52732.25±0.72MPa
Young’s Modulus (Z)ISO 1782201.74±74.91MPa
Elongation at break (Z)ISO 5272.70±0.59%
Bending strength (X-Y)ISO 17867.81±0.54MPa
Bending Modulus (X-Y)ISO 1782400±79.69MPa
Charpy impact strength (X-Y)ISO 17920.03±1.32KJ/m²

Specimens printed under the following conditions: Nozzle size 0.4mm,Nozzle temp 250°C, Bed temp 75°C, Print speed 40mm/s, Infill 100%, Infill angle ±45°


Recommended printing conditions

Nozzle Temperature240-260°C
Recommended Nozzle Diameter≥0.2 mm
Recommended build surface treatmentGlass、PEI Film or Coating with PVP glue
Build plate temperature100-110 °C
Raft separation distance0.2-0.22mm
Cooling fan speedOff
Print speed30-90 mm/s
Retraction distance1-5 mm
Retraction speed1800-3600 mm/min
Recommended Support MaterialFusFreeTM S-Multi Quick-Remove Support

Printing Tips: 1. Compared with PLA, PETG and other materials, ABS materials need a higher chamber temperature to help release the residual stress during the printing process. Please keep the printer chamber closed during the printing process. It can effectively avoid printed parts from warping and cracking. If the device has a heated chamber, it is recommended to set the temperature of heated chamber between 60-80°C. 2. If the ABS filament has been unpacked for a long time and the printing quality starts to degrade during the printing process, please dry the filament at 70-80°C for 4-6 hours before printing. 3. Although FusFunTM ABS has much less odor compared with similar products, it is still recommended to place the printer in a well-ventilated area during printing.


Additional information

Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions24 × 24 × 8 cm

Green, Orange, Brown, Black, Army Green, Red, Blue, Grey, Silver, Purple, Light Orange, Skin/Beige, Yellow


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