ChaoticLab Voron CNC Tap V1/V2

ChaoticLab Voron CNC Tap V1/V2


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ChaoticLab Voron CNC Tap
Who said installing tap was hard? This thing is pre-made, rail and all. This is CNCed Aluminum Alloy and pretty dang light for Tap (59.8g)  V1 PRODUCT IS 5V ONLY! IF YOU WANT A 5-24v OPTION CHOOSE V2!
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ChaoticLab Voron CNC Tap & CNC TAP V2

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● Multi Axis CNC machined. Lighter (59.8g) and smaller (45mm*13mm*68mm).

● Full Al6061 T6 aluminum construction. Enhanced wear & high-temperature resistance.

● HIWIN preload linear rail, unmatched stability and reliability.


V1 vs V2 comparison:

•The product is as light as 68g (including mounting screws), reducing the impact on the extrusion head
Effect of weight
•Brand new magnetic component to provide movement limit
•New status lights
•Supports 5-24V wide voltage, making power supply more convenient
•New OMRON proximity switch, more stable
•New X-axis fixed position, more stable installation
•Pre-installed mounting screws make installation more user-friendly

Product File:

CNC Voron Tap Build Guide


CNC Voron Tap Specifics:


1. Product brief introduction


Ultra-high precision: 0.4μm (0.0004mm)


Material: All Al6061 T6 aluminum structure. Enhance wear resistance and high-temperature resistance


Size: 45mm*13mm*68mm


Ultra Light body: 59.8g


2. Product feature


The effective travel of the printer will not be affected  (the printed version will reduce the Y travel by 3mm or the nozzle will hit the door)


Optical microswitch OMRON D2FP-FN that as the same model as the ROG high-end mouse.


HIWIN preloaded linear rail , unmatched stability and reliability.


Life span: 70,000,000+ probing


Easy installation: Pre-assembled unit. Peace of mind installation.


Suitable for: VORON V2.4 R1&R2 and VORON Trident printers


Not suitable for: Switchwire, V1.8, VORON Legacy, Voron 0.1/0.2

*The effect of the images is for demonstration purpose only.
* HIWIN linear rail is preloaded by factory. Advised not to dissemble any parts of the tap otherwise causing damage to the tap.
*Please take reference from the final user manual.

Product File:

CNC Voron Tap Build Guide

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