BigTreeTech Pi2 / CB2
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BigTreeTech Pi2 / CB2

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BigTreeTech Pi2 / CB2

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Product Description:

BIGTREETECH Pi 2 & CB2 are developed by BIGTREE Technology Co., LTD.. Based on the improvements of the first-generation products, our new-generation computer single boards have significantly improved computing and storage performance. In addition, to meet the DIY needs of 3D printer users, we have optimized the design to provide a more user-friendly experience.

Key Features:

  • Friendly to 3D Printer Users. The customized computer single board for 3D printer users not only supports a variety of expansion functions, but also can be connected to 12V/24V powered 3D printers without an adapter, making it very friendly to 3D printer users.
  • Rockchip RK3566.RK3566 processor and powerful storage function. Pi 2 not only has built-in RAM 2G, ROM 32G eMMC, but also supports SD card and 2M solid-state drive expansion to meet your basic needs for running Klipper on Debian storage software, documents, and surveillance videos.
  • Support DSI/CSI extension. The camera can be connected through the DSI interface; connected to the FPC port on the BTT PITFT screen through the DSI interface, or connected to the BTT HDMI screen through the HDMI interface.
  • Support 5G Network.Blazing-fast dual-band WiFi and reliable Gigabit Ethernet ensure seamless connectivity for remote printing and file transfers.


1. Pi 2 does not have an SPI interface. If you need to use an SPI screen, you need to connect it with IO2 CAN or EBB and U2C.

2. The size of CB2 is the same as that of CB1/CB1 eMMC and Raspberry Pi 4B/CM4, but the size of Pi 2 is slightly longer than that of Raspberry Pi 4B. Please refer to the size chart of Pi 2 to choose the appropriate installation location.BTT Pi2 Description 15 BTT Pi2 Description 1 BTT Pi2 Description 2 BTT Pi2 Description 3 BTT Pi2 Description 4 BTT Pi2 Description 5 BTT Pi2 Description 6 BTT Pi2 Description 7 BTT Pi2 Description 8 BTT Pi2 Description 9 BTT Pi2 Description 10 BTT Pi2 Description 11 BTT Pi2 Description 12 BTT Pi2 Description 13 BTT Pi2 Description 14

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