BIGTREETECH Octopus v1.1 (STM32F446 chip) For Voron 2.4

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BIGTREETECH Octopus v1.1 support upto 8 drivers, best for Voron 2.4

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BIGTREETECH Octopus v1.1 (STM32F446 chip)



  • ?【Main Control Chip】Uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 series STM32F446ZET6 main control chip with a core frequency of 180MHz.
  • ?【Strong DIY Support】This motherboard supports up to 8 stepper drivers with 9 stepper driver outputs in total; And up to 6 PWM fans and 2 always-on fans with the ability to individually select the voltage rail that will drive each fan. Select from Vin, 12V or 5V.
  • ?【Motherboard Expansion Function】Support BLTouch, locked-rotor detection, shut down after printing, resume printing after power failure, CAN bus, U disk function, IIC expansion; at the same time reserved WIFI interface, PT100 thermistor interface (optional), dual Z-axis printer.
  • ?【TMC2209 Driver Features】The TMC2209 stepper driver is not easy to lose steps and is in an ultra-quiet mode; the module has a large area of heat dissipation pad, which can reduce the temperature of the driver when it is working; the module supports three modes: STEP / DIR and UART.
  • ?【TMC2209 Driver Mode】TMC Motor drivers can be used in SPI or UART mode by simply adjusting the onboard jumpers beneath each motor driver. Additionally, you can connect or disconnect the TMC DIAG pin using an onboard jumper allowing you to use hard end-stops or sensorless homing without the need to cut any pins.


BigTreeTech Octopus v1.1 Manual: Click For Github Link


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