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BIGTREETECH KNOMI V2.0 display designed for Voron StealthBurner kit,upgrade to 5-point touch screen and facilitate machine control operations for customers

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Product Description:

KNOMI is a mini round screen designed specifically for Klipper running 3D printers, offering users a unique and personalized way to monitor their printer’s operation. The screen displays important information through KNOMI UI, such as heated bed temperature, nozzle temperature, leveling status, printing progress, etc. KNOMI is an open-source product, allows users to customize the user interface and design mounting brackets to fit their specific 3D printer.

Key Features:

  • KNOMI UI-based display for quick and easy monitoring of printer status.
  • User-friendly, wireless communication through WiFi.
  • Open-source enables effortless customization and adaptation of KNOMI to various 3D printers with provided 3D model files, while also allowing personalized user interfaces to suit preferences.  
  • Compatibility with Voron StealthBurner using our custom printed part files.
  • Wide input voltage range (DC 5V-24V) for convenient power supply.
  • Reserved Type-C port for DIY burning, increasing versatility.
  • Full-view screen for accurate color representation from any angle.


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