FusRock PETG Matte Filament (5% Glass Fiber) 1KG


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FusRock PETG Matte Filament

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FusRock PETG Matte Filament (5% Glass Fiber)


FusFunTM PETG-Matte is a PETG-based filament specially deveioped for 3D printing and it is reinforced with 5% glass fiber. Compared with other PETG filaments , it has low warping and a fosted surface texture.


Material Properties

PropertyTesting methodTypical value
DensityISO 11831.3g/cm³
Glass transition temperatureISO 1135778℃
Melt index230℃,2.16kg4g/10 min
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method A68 °C (1.8MPa)
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method B73 °C (0.45MPa)
Tensile strength(X-Y)ISO 52748.79 ± 0.30 MPa
Elongation at YieldISO 5273.83 ± 0.10 %
Young’s ModulusISO 5272247± 37 MPa
Tensile breaking strengthISO 52729.25 ± 5.50 MPa
Elongation at breakISO 5278.43 ± 2.53 MPa
Tensile breaking strength (Z)ISO 52728.56± 2.04MPa
Young’s modulus (Z)ISO 5271813 ± 72 MPa
Elongation at break (Z)ISO 5272.01 ± 0.22 %
Bending strength (X-Y)ISO 17866.80±1.32MPa
Bending Modulus (X-Y)ISO 1782144.44± 35.54 MPa
Charpy impact strength (X-Y)ISO 1795.64 ± 1.29 KJ/m2

Specimens printed under the following conditions: Nozzle size 0.4mm, Nozzle temp 250°C, Bed temp 75°C, Print speed

45mm/s, Infifill 100%, Infifill angle ±45°


Recommended printing conditions

Nozzle Temperature235-260 °C
Recommended Nozzle Diameter0.4-1.0mm
Recommended build surface treatmentGlass、PEI Film or Coating with PVP glue
Build plate temperature70-80 °C
Raft separation distance0.18-0.2 mm
Cooling fan speed0%-20 %
Print speed30-60 mm/s
Retraction distance2-5 mm
Retraction speed1800-3600 mm/min

Printing Tips:

  1. Phaetus hardened steel and above grade nozzles shall be selected, which can effectively improve the print quality.
  2. After the material is damp, there will be more printing ozzing, bubbles extruded and rough printing surface. Please dry the filament in an oven at 60-70℃ for 4-6h to restore the printing quality of FusFunTM PETG-Matte.



Additional information

Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions24 × 24 × 8 cm

Blue, Black, White, Red, Purple


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