BIGTREETECH EBB SB 2209/2240 Canbus Board For Voron
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BIGTREETECH EBB SB 2209/2240 Canbus Board For Voron

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BIGTREETECH EBB SB 2209/2240 Canbus Board For Voron

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BIGTREETECH EBB SB 2209/2240 Canbus Board For Voron

Please bewaree EBB SB2209 (rp2040) come with a large connector (xh2.54) and have a different configuaration.

Product Description:

The EBB SB2209/SB2240 CAN is an extruder breakout board designed by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen BIQU Technology Co., Ltd. for Voron StealthBurner, which can communicate via USB or CAN port, greatly simplifying wiring.


What are the differences between SB2209 CAN and SB2240 CAN?

The built-in drivers. SB2209 CAN has a built-in TMC2209 driver, while SB2240 has a built-in TMC2240 driver.

⭕Driver working mode. The TMC2209 is working with UART mode, and the TMC2240 is the latest TMC ultra-silent driver chip working with SPI mode.


The installation guidance has been updated, you can go to our github to have a look.

Please use this Klipper fork for SB2240 before it merge into the officail repo:


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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm
EBB SB Model

EBB SB2209, EBB SB2209(RP2040), EBB SB2240


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