BIQU Hurakan 3D Printer Klipper firmware Wifi Function ABL Web Interface
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BIQU Hurakan 3D Printer Klipper firmware Wifi Function ABL Web Interface

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BIQU Hurakan 3D Printer Klipper firmware Wifi Function ABL Web Interface

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Product Showcase


Hurakan 3D Printer

Out-of-the-Box Klipper Printer

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Official cooperation

3 1665388277536

Remote printing

2 1665388273534

Adjustable heat bed

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Automatic leveling

6 1665388286036

Material break detection

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1 1665390416473

Dual-Tone Colors & Mecha Style

The dual-color design makes it unique and recognizable. Rigid lines fuse mecha elements to create a firm and cool hi-tech look.

Venting Grille

The venting grilles designed on the base and print head create a unique look while improving heat dissipation efficiency and reducing weight.

416 1665203271480

BTT Manta M4P+CB1

The latest main control board and core board, Manta M4P and CB1, enables Hurakan to run Klipper and also supports Marlin.

415 1665203364200

Klipper is Ready

Klipper, a huge leap in 3D printer firmware, has been pre-installed on Hurakan. So you don’t have to deal with complicated installationprocedures but enjoy speed, precision, and convenience.

414 1665203411542

Enjoy Wireless Printing

Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, it is easier for users to print pause, check the printing progress, and adjust the temperatureof the nozzle on different terminal platforms(The control device and printer must be connected to the same WiFi network).

413 1665203450458

BIQU MicroProbe

The self-developed auto leveling sensor, mini-sized, 6g super lightweight, can use more than 10 million times, will add almost no weight to the extruder but offershigh precision leveling capability.

412 1665203497199

Quiet 3D Printing

Thanks to the TMC2209, an ultra-silent motor driver IC, the printingnoise can be significantly reduced.

411 1665203526796

Choose the Part to Heat

Switch the hotbed use area to adjust the hotbed power, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

●100W—for the central part of the bed (red light on)

●240W—for the whole bed (both blue and red lights on)

410 1665203557643

Filament Runout Sensor

With the filament runout sensor, the printer will automatically pause a print if filaments run out or break, saving time and filaments.

49 1665203595577

Light up Your Prints

A beautifully designed, fully customizable RGB light illuminates. Your prints in the dark, giving you full 16.8M color control via the web interface or the display screen.

48 1665364534799

Get Start Quickly

Thanks to the modular design, assembling the printer is fast and fun.

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01 – Dual USB Ports

A USB flash drive can be used to print without an Internet connection, a USB plug and play camera can be connected for wireless monitoring.

02 – Power Supply Optional

Suitable for different voltages of 100-120V/200-240V.

03 – RJ45 Port

Offer a choice of a more reliable wired network connection.

*Note: This is a Gigabit Ethernet port.Currently, the CB1 installed on Hurakan only supports 100M Ethernet. If you want to experience Gigabit Ethernel, you can replace CB1 with CM4.

04 – SPI Interface

Designed for connecting an ADXL 345 accelerometer to realize Klipper’s Resonance Compensation for a higher precision print.

Dimensions & Specs

3D Printer Name

BIQU Hurakan

3D Printer Dimensions


Print Head

1 PC

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm



Slicing Software Compatibility

Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify 3D…

Output Voltage


Heated Bed Power


Maximum Temperature of Nozzle


Suggested Printing Speed



PLA/ABS/PETG…(Any material with print temp lower than 260℃ including flexible filament with 95A stillness.)

Build Volume


Layer Thickness


Printing Accuracy


File Format


Printing Method

USB Drive/LAN Controlled

Rated Power


Max Temperature of Heated Bed


Default Speed Limit(Firmware)


Filament Runout Detection

Standard Feature

Rated Voltage


50/60 Hz

Packaging List

04 1665462862342

Note: Above are schematic diagrams of products, accessoriesuser interfaces, etc., for reference only. Please refer to the actual product because product updates may make the actual product slightly different from the schematic diagram.


Additional information

Weight11.1 kg
Dimensions54 × 42 × 26 cm


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